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Aug 8, 2019

Short Description: my story plot line.

▪︎ I walk out onto the stage ... bringing with me a breif case, i say, i need a couple to volunteer, preferably if on their first date. Mam? Would you like to see what's my breif case?? Sure? She answered: mam you ready? I open the case, showing her my balls. I bet? You've never seen a pair of balls like these before? They are spectacular; they're awesome! I know because they're mine. Mam? If you'll put your hands out? Allow me .... how do they feel? See? They're perfectly symmetrical and weighing and balanced, they're nearly identical. Now? If move your hands up & downward motion? See? How do they feel? Do you like them, and if you'll notice, how my balls fit perfectly in your hands; they bring me great pleasure. Yeah? I meant, if asked? I love em' but, not just because their mine. Now by taking your hands? ( she's blushing ) mam? Please don't drop them its a very delicate matter. Not everyone has a pair of balls like these; i know this for fact, i meant, have seen a pair of balls like mine before?? You have to admit? They are awesome! And as always brought me years of personal enjoyment. Mam? What is it you do for living? Tonight? I would like to make my offical Ball Handler. ... now if you'll turn before the audience.

Thus, The Beginning of my Act.
Please Stay tuned.

Yours Very Truly,
Robert Lane Aiassa 08/7/2019 the mind of creative Imaginations. 720-434-9591. Copyrighted.

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  • Robert Lane Aiassa: The breifcase its intent used with part of the illusion; regular balls inside. Meant only as adult humor, not literally.

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