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"● IDEAS FOR A CARTOON WESTSIDE STORY - The Bulldog & Pomeranian as an Animated Film Production by Disney.
Similarly Lady and the Tramp.
▪︎ This is about a Disney Cartoon (Bulldog & Pomeranian) they go out on several the owner decided to adopt him be…"
Jan 10
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Dec 18, 2019
Today 12/2019.

1) A couple years ago had close call with cancer diagnosis. Today? I'm becoming popular weight lifter ... although, I was really trying for body builder. ( different category) I'm currently 205lbs. 30-32 inch waist, L - XL Shirts…
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Dec 18, 2019
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Dec 8, 2019
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Dec 8, 2019
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Dec 8, 2019
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Dec 8, 2019
Suggestions for Kim Petras...

She should wear a I DREAM OF GENIE outfit for her fan base when she preform on stage in concerts.
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THE MONSTERS The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls. The ghosts, the goblins, the ghouls.1▪︎1 , 2▪︎2, 3▪︎3, Marching down the streets,They all come out late at night on this very festive Halloween eve.Look out!A it's a vampire…"
Oct 8, 2019
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Oct 1, 2019
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"Can someone please call me?? 720-434-9591
It's been a few years since living in Honolulu. I met a few celebrities, Jokingly, but we were called beauty & beast with Paris Hilton. I had an agreement with both Leslie Panettiere and Nicole Richie (2011-…"
Sep 26, 2019
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"■ The Civil Liberties of Actors!
I wrote this because of my experiences; but I also believe it will be helpful to others; including colleagues and associates; private life and their families.
Sep 4, 2019
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▪︎ In the beginning a small setting in a room in the light beginning to flicker. Do you see the circle as a pentagram appearing in the mirror. Reaching out? It was night after the weji board caught fire…"
Sep 4, 2019
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"Hawaii Actors Networks:
Hayden "Leslie" Panettiere,.2011-2012.
■ She's undoubtedly nicest; honest; and most down to earth women, I had opportunity of meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii; during the Fall of 2011 - Early 2012. The old lady by the tree a psych…"
Sep 3, 2019
My apology to others.



July 30

(Contact Information) Agent, Talent Manager or Self Managed

Being Recruited by Tonk Casting Denver, and LA, California

Portrayable Ethnicities

See photos

Portrayable Age


Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Shirt/Blouse size, Pant Size, Shoe Size

5' 9" , 185-190lbs, clean shaven, bald, dark brown, large xlarge shirts, 44-46 chest, 18inc Arms, 30-32 waist • 34L ; 11 w shoes. NOTE : as suggested by agent had several tattoos removed particular of left shoulder [ all but one remains forearm ] and all dental work done with records provided.

Special Talent

Singer & Vocalist, Rock n Roll, Country, worked in public relations. Fitness & Bodybuilding learning as a personal trainer working with others. Im interested in working behind the camera. I believe that given people a second glance, teamwork; and discovery of talent always comes from within the heart. If you don't give up - they dont give up!

What area of Hawaii's Film Industry are you most interested in?

actor, extra, musician, voice actor, stand-in, editor, set construction, location scout, singer, fan of the film industry, other, student films

Are you available to work in student films?


Let us know your location status

Mainland USA resident, Willing to travel at own expense, Willing to travel at the productions expense, Able to travel to Hawaii


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  • Hawaii Actors Networks:

    Hayden "Leslie" Panettiere,

    ■ She's undoubtedly nicest; honest; and most down to earth women, I had opportunity of meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii; during the Fall of 2011 - Early 2012. The old lady by the tree a psychic palm reader. She dressed a little warm in black evening dress wearing high heals; as always because it make taller. You refer to me as "Leslie," she said. My colleagues and associates: family, and friends. Hayden; used in public. I will not likely answer. Afterwards, a hug, and a kiss on cheek. My heart melt. Truth and truly.


    Honolulu Hard Rock Cafe.

    I will testify for her, I saw her a few times in Honolulu usually with Nicole Richie.

    "She's separated at the time from her original boyfriend- later married. She was visiting after the last series of Heroes. Waited? Renew the show for another season. I can't believe this poor woman has had to deal with in recent relationships. Most Recently Brian Hendrickson? Why? Lucky! I only read about this, but hadn't seen her in a few years, but the media judgements."

    "Then to include by Paparazzi trying get a story violation of her privacy."

    "She's Beautiful Person."

    Today? In my opinion. Its been a few years, that she's a more beautiful woman. Whose certainly matured adult; as sensible and very smart business woman. Do Not Believe Tabloids. That so wrongly tried to project her as believed in her earlier years just a teenage icon; HERO'S. They targeted her career; typically of media. She's not just poster child for public tabloids. An outstanding musician to also received great recognition for Nashville TV series. That Again proving she's a really great and talented leading role actress - Hollywood.

    Everybody has hardships.

    And Plus?

    This said; but only Jokingly, but has my permission to kick my ass as she's see fit. Suddenly? Oh Wildimir!

    "The Hawaii Actors Network.

    "Leslie, I agreed, Nothing Political. I Understand. She hates politics. And and if it's upon her request? She has my complete cooperation. Permission. That she may be granted authority to carry out any business upon my behalf. I consented; that in addition. That not limited to scope of author ( writing and outlining ) my drafts; that she can; without constraints. Absolutely. If would reconsider as my Talent Agent."

    A big heart.

    My sincerest of all apologies if lead to any past misunderstanding.

    I DIDN'T Know. Recently.

    Very Truly,
    Robert Lane Aiassa

  • I hope that you may eventually realized that even giving the misunderstanding. I'm actually a nice guy, not selfishness or self seeking. Thank you.


    Movie Title▪ DARE TO WAKE UP! ▪


    The Movie Has A New Twist?

    "The Group College Students, despite all their social differences. Each belonging from all different & various backgrounds. Rich or poor. Popular or Jock, and nerds, an project classroom assignment as extra credit; a jock? But scholastic studies of sequence of untimely events brings them all together. They wouldn't normally mingle. They set out meeting under some unusual circumstances. They joked. Weji board; Forced work together, being with virtually no other choice. Trust? thus to survive Kruger Dreams, his revenge; the nightmare has taken a height to all another level - who do you trust? Or can you?"

    "The Medallion Is Possessed."

    "THEY MUST SOLVE The RIDDLE; but its Truly Do or Die, a game of survival after Finding Freddy's Medallion at the local nearby cemetery."

    The bigger question?


    ▪ FREDDY KRUGER: a group of college students go to the cemetery, unveiled, his tomb, only to discover that his body is missing inside the coffin, only a to find a medallion. Must solve the riddle in order to escape their fate. Even as though Wake up they die - If Unsolved. As they chased in the nightmares ( mirrored to portray ) appearing the image and likened of their friends, but it's all only a masterful illusion; Not what it seems; as it leaving them all guessing, which one is to be trusted and Who is Who, as they all start becomming suspicious of each other [ possessed ] but who? believing they're sabotage in committing murders of Freddy Kruger!

    Two Part Twist:

    ▪Who Are Your Friends?

    The menaces:

    How well do you really trust or how well do you know them ??


    Can they,

    [ One by One - Seeing Both Sides of Alternate Reality trapped living inside his dreams ]

    Beat the Clock??

    ▪ They each becomingly start acting desperate as begin turning on themselves; all unaware, that it's a game, they; appearing as him, one and another part in a twisted plot of The Murder Triangle.

    They Solve Riddle?

    ▪ Wake up?

    W/O Solving the puzzle:

    But, if they fail, in time, they each "STILL" they will still Face an Uncertain Death.

    The Victims of Freddy Nightmare,

    "They Don't Just Die in their sleep, but if they also had failed to Solve the Riddle behind the Medallion?

    Can they survive?

    BUT, the unlikely twist - not only, but If you only dare to wake up!"

    ▪ Dare to Wake Up ▪

    "Screen Plots Outlined."

    "Hayden "Leslie" Panniterre w/ lead possible role to also be co-starring, Stephanie Germotta ( Jo Stack Me ) she's formerly, as publically known as Lady Gaga."

    Written By Robert Lane Aiassa. 09/2018 @ HANS w/ Creative Imaginations.

  • Clean & Sober 

  • ☆ MY COMEDY ☆ :

    Now Introducing? Robert Lane Aiassa: The breifcase its intent used with part of the illusion; regular balls placed inside. Meant only as adult humor, Again, not literally.

    Short story plot-line.

    ▪︎ I walk out onto the stage before a live studio audience bringing with me a breif case, i say, i need a couple to volunteer, preferably if on their first date. Mam? Would you like to see what's my breif case?? Mam? Be prepared to be amazed? Sure? She answered: mam you ready? I open the case, nearly placed inside, ( REMEMBERING ) yes, its part of the illustration ) showing her my balls. I bet? You've never seen a pair of balls like these before? They are spectacular; they're awesome! I know? Why, because they're mine. Mam? If you'll put your hands out? Allow me .... how do they feel? See? They're perfectly symmetrical and weighing and balanced, they're nearly identical. Now? If move your hands up & downward in this motion? See? I have to ask you? PEOPLE? Mam? Can you tell them? I meant? How do they feel? Yes? They bounce? You can juggle them, too. But, i do have to ask? Do you like them, and if you'll take personal notice, my balls, how they fit perfectly in your hands? Now, I admit; they bring me great pleasure. Yeah? I meant, if asked? I love em' but, not just because their mine. Now by taking your hands? ( she's blushing ) Mam? Please don't drop them? I admitt? its a very delicate matter. Now? Not just everyone has a pair of balls like these; I know this for fact, i meant, have seen a pair of balls like mine before?? You have to admit? They Are Awesome!! And yes! As always brought me years of personal enjoyment with great pleasure, Mam? What is it you do for living? Tonight? What? I would like to make my offical Ball Handler! You're doing great! Hey! Will the camera man take position? Now mam? if you'll please stand turning around before the audience; Mam? Now what I need you to do is hold them up, it okay, go ahead show them? People?? What do you think? Aren't they spectacular!

    Next Scene:

    ☆ Now in Hawaii? They're not called BALLS, they've been renamed as the Big Kahonas!

    The Next Scene:

    "Do you got a pair of balls like these?"

    ☆ Now if the audience will turn and look over at that table for sale on display? Yes?

    Thus, The Beginning of my Act.
    Please Stay tuned.

    Special Guest Appearances: Ron White from Blue Collar Comedy Club.

    Yours Very Truly,
    Robert Lane Aiassa 08/7/2019 the mind of creative Imaginations. 720-434-9591. Copyrighted.

  • Why Choose Your Own Adventure.

    My originality,
    How Its Re-created.

    ▪︎ This its creative writing. I'm developing a story plot; adult choose your own adventure, you pick characters; roles, and with every chapter the ending changes with your selected choices, its about world events, conspiracies, history, politics and war; a small group of individuals [ each different] come together to unraveling their stories in meeting [ some point ] and try to save the world from its own destruction. I Planned at some point to attend writer's convention. A few years ago, i inspired to do something different. I wrote Steve Hill, Steven Kings Son, he's a writer. Too. It will require a large team to put it together, he said. Not just 1 or 2 people, but work together. Yes, It could be interested; example, lives clash but bringing together. Timeline? however it will be lot of work and time will be involved, but worthy if find right people to help write it ... interesting.

    ▪︎ Your in control with its world fate with role playing character(s) - for different story endings and new beginning for its sequels.

    Problem solving:

    ▪︎ Each book is your character; chapter, questions to a different story and its plausibility to give it an added emphasis for multiple variables and other possible conclusions.

    Reading Benefit:

    ▪︎ The advantage Psychology, while learning of events, outcome, and it may influence your thinking? Choices made in your CHARACTER, but life. It given a different perspective of helping you thinking outside the box; its a concept for a learning curve: yes, its very different from any traditional novels.



    A) B) C)

    Multiple Choice.

    ▪︎ A very different approach to learning and comprehension skills - helping struggling students with scholastic studies.

    Thanks for understanding,

    Very Truly,
    Robert Lane Aiassa.

  • Legal Clarification by Definition:

    1). Meaning media; it in fact so widely misinterpreted to had it's unlawful to impose upon legal rights of anyone ability to go or move about freely; as endocrine; as legal right that all such citizens be entitled to enjoy. Specifically? That such means; that forbidden of use for personal profit or financial gain in so-called justification of use to free speech entitlements, oftenly described as right to know; without use of due process or authorization of any legal acknowledged. The fact doesn't respect the privacy of others; or anyone that it chooses; not limited to but including that mail receipt identification of personal or prudent information (example; or legal exhibits of letter head) that any bills; or collection of materials that be required upon admission only ruler by higher authority; that court shalt be allowed to intervene on any persons behalf to prevent unlawful or unwanton conduct. The right to refuse or Deny of interview is sole discretion of the persons to decide in fact; such malice be civilly or criminally of warned its citations be acknowledged. That rule of thr federal supreme Court upholds these decisions by the authority of it constitutional safeguards as Guaranteed by the Federal United States Constitution.

    2). An Interview but only as consent; Again only under properly due justification that not just authority or mediator civilly harassed.

    3). Fact: ANY MEDIA CORPORATIONS AND OR FRANCHISES are not citizens; meaning individuals of claims to say representatives of the People, especially in matters of Profit or Monetary Gains. It's not same thing as freedoms of speech in all legal declared; that must proven by records; and finance upon requested that it not was it of intent of profiling or financially established. Not without due or proper compensated if given upon consent.

    You do not have to consent; know your rights.

    Very truly, Robert Lane Aiassa

  • DEFENDING YOUR RIGHTS, if you are a celebrity or public figure such as actor or athlete.

    ♤ Article 1 United States Constitution; Against Syndicated; but its that freedom of speech is expression directly limited to the right guaranteed to the people, including right of the freedom of association not limited to access of press, radio and films; [ ▪︎ However Must be Publicly Owned and operated; that said; it can be interpreted that Not Right; such; of meaning it cannot Any Corporation or Franchises for matters of Profit by Financial or Personal Monetary Gains ▪︎ ] to had collected or collaborated that is not reflected as values of strict scrutiny; unduly or have had unnecessarily imposed that subject whereof it may be determined that measure of law; including in such responsibility in legal or collective bargaining; that tainted its intended discretions; such as bribery. That in given expression of such free speech identify in amendment to have been said in one's matter of free will without question; or circumstances imposed upon or acting its authority; he or she; has discretion to have had legal opportunity; or given of expressed consent to has been questioned; the right also to had refused or denied without any provocation; clearly must be stated. That also reflects; without use of undue bias or prejudice [ Statutes ] within the scope and understanding of all state and federal laws that a court may decide applicable. Such as article of law of "Clear and present danger," to themselves or of irrefutable harm. That also applies to matter upheld by Federal United States Supreme Court; Ruled 5-4; that Respectively of private or its citizens [ All people regardless of such opinion; be it religion; race, creed or sexual identity or that matter of individuals in all fact protected; as they are citizens. ] Again; that such clearly and plainly stated in expressive of civil and human rights cannot be made a crime; that in additional pertains to free speech. Any violation in acting upon is inadmissible. Upon duress of any said legal circumstances as implied upon orders of court is a direct violation of law; as of the defended and upheld by United States Constitution; that a Guaranteed right respectively to the People of the United States of America.

    Very, very Truly, Sincerely, yours
    Robert Lane Aiassa

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