August 15

(Contact Information) Agent, Talent Manager or Self Managed

Self manage

Portrayable Ethnicities

Causation,German, British,French,Irish,Australian,Italian

Portrayable Age


Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color, Shirt/Blouse size, Pant Size, Shoe Size

Height- 5'0 Weight- 140 Hair color- brown Eye color- blue Shirt size- medium Pant size- 6 Shoe size- 7

Special Talent

Stay at home mom, fitness, different accents,walk awesome in high heels,very loud voice,loves heights,great dancer,can play any personality,photographic memory,can sew,walk with a dictionary on my head in heels,jump 18 inches in the air, played the lead rolls in school productions up to 9th grade

What area of Hawaii's Film Industry are you most interested in?

actor, extra, voice actor, stand-in, modeling, casting director, photography, videographer, editor, wardrobe, hair and makeup, logistics crew, set secretary, film marketing

Are you available to work in student films?