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  • Aloha it's great being here on this site with all of you. I look forward to meeting some of you in the event we get cast together. Have a blessed day.
  • Hola everyone!!! Have a wonderful day !!
  • Aloha members,

    Casting for men and women, 18+ to participate in corporate launch gala event this Saturday Sep 29, 2018 in Waikīkī, 7p. All types/ethnicities welcomed.

    A promotional company video will be recorded, so we are looking for people who are dressed to impress. You will receive a FREE elegant dinner, dancing and the opportunity to socialize with next BIG media tech visionary. Imagine what it would have been like to attend a gala dinner with someone like Steve Jobs as the guest speaker back in the day. Would that be worth a few hours of your time? You may bring one adult guest with you.

    Please email your RSVP with the first and last name for you and your guest. You will receive an email confirmation. This company is a media product and service provider, however you will NOT be solicited or required to purchase anything. The event is FREE, but you must be on the guest list, no exceptions. We need to hear from you no later than 12 midnight, tonight 9/25. Email your RSVP to trugoalsstudio@gmail.com. Mahalo!!
  • Aloha Hawaii Actors Network members,

    We're looking to your direction for the following.

    We need to book talent for a 2 day Independent Production with the following specs:

    Description: Actors needed for a Series of 1-2 minute Video Vignettes for a Local Industrial Cleaning Company (no speaking roles required).
    Taping Days: Sat 8/11 & Sun 8/12
    Call Time 9:30am
    Wrap Time 4:00pm
    Location: Honolulu
    Ethnicity: Local, Asian, Filipino
    Male and Female
    Age: 21-35
    Build: Thin to Medium
    NON- SAG member
    NON-Speaking Role
    Compensation: $50/ per Diem
    We will need at least 8-10 individual people with a (digital) photos/headshots to present to client for selection.

    Please have interested candidates email current bio/headshots to me at: Production@EightRockMedia.com


    Visit Us: EightRockMedia.com
    Looking for a gorgeous young woman to play the lead in Dinner Date. This is an experimental monologue piece. Non-union. Must be 21.

    The setup: you’ve just started dating someone that you really like. At your last date, they confessed to you, rather nervously, that they had an unusual fetish. Now, they’re taking you out to dinner at a nice restaurant. It occurs to you that you could have some fun, and probably get them all hot and bothered, if you just keep working their trigger word into the dinner conversation.

    You’ll be dressed nicely and seated at a restaurant table, interacting directly with the camera. The script is roughly 3,000 words as is, but I’d love to rework it with your input, put some of “you” into it!

    Your voice is every bit as important as your appearance. Contact me for audition excerpts.
  • Reality Casting Oahu
    Casting Director seeking an Oahu (surrounding area) Family to appear in a Network Reality Show airing in Finland.
    If you are an outgoing family with keiki - we would like to speak with you.
    Finnish Production Company Aito Media is producing a series which is heartwarming, authentic, and life changing for all those who participate.
    The show is called The Au Pairs in which four young men or women (1 per Family) from Finland will move to Oahu for 3 months to experience the culture, the community and being a part of an Oahu family. We are seeking host families willing to open their homes. lives, families, traditions, and CHILDREN to this experience and who will allow us to follow their story. The program will mainly concentrate on following the au pairs on Oahu, but we do also wish to film some domestic life moments with the host family and hear any thoughts they may have while having an au pair in their home.
    Each family will embark on a cultural journey to learn another lifestyle and language all while having an extra pair of hands to help with their kids. The family provides room and board.
    All ethnicities welcomed, as well as non-traditional family structures.
    Please email us asap - Name, Ages, City, Phone along with a photo of your family. Children must be of school age and living at home. Teens welcomed.
  • I'd be happy to audition for a part. I'm an artist and have a career in teaching and outreach, which included food distribution and counselling whoever showed interest or asked. For my bio: http://www.westwolfgallery.com/ana-monaghan Happy to help! (808) 753-9391
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